Attention Brides-to-be Whip Yourself into Shape for Your Wedding Day ...


Want to know the best exercises for brides to be? If you are planning your big day to walk down the aisle, the last thing you want to be is out of shape. Your wedding day should will give you memories that will last a lifetime and pictures that will be on your walls forever too, so why not look and feel your best. There are certain workouts and exercises that you can do to help you to get there. So what are you waiting for? Get up, off the couch and start moving with these exercises for brides to be because every bride should look their best!

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Bridal Bootcamp

Check out a local Bootcamp so you can have a trainer at a fraction of the cost and you can learn exercises for brides to be. Trainers that live, eat and breath fitness and health will be more than happy to help you get wedding-wear-ready so what are you waiting for? And if you need support grab your wedding party and recruit them as well!



Check out this inspirational running video and make a change in your life starting today and get wedding dress ready! Forget all your past experience of starting fitness programs and not sticking with them. Make this time different and get out for a run! This video will inspire you to lace up your kicks and get out to pound the pavement and enjoy the beauty of the world around you!



Burn 250-500 calories per half hour without the wear and tear of other high impact exercises by biking. You can invest in an outdoor bike or even head to the gym and check out some spinning classes to work your body so that you can tone and strengthen for your wedding day!



Swimming is an ultra-effective workout that can help you to get in shape and be a fit and fierce bride. The best way to whip yourself into shape is to swim laps. Make sure you time yourself and work towards improvement. You are who you choose to be, so be a fit and fierce bride!


Tricep Dips

I love tricep dips because they are a super exercise for brides or anyone for that matter. Just make sure to focus on form and never rush through this exercise. Every move you make will be one step closer to bridal bliss as you unveil your toned arms in your wedding wear!


Leg Lifts

Good old fashioned leg lifts are a timeless effective exercise. Why? Well for good reason, they work! Perform these exercises just 2-3 days a week so you can tone, strengthen and lean down your lower half for your wedding day.



One of the most challenging and vital exercises that you should definitely include in your bridal workouts is the plank. This exercise works your shoulders, back and total core. Just make you focus on correct form and hold for as long as you can. Make a goal of 60 seconds 3-5 days a week and whittle your body into bridal perfection for your big day!

So as you approach your wedding day, make sure you eat healthy, exercise and keep a positive mindset because you are making one of the most decisions in your life. So are you ready to get working for your wedding day? Perfect! Well may the rest of your life be the best of your life with your lifelong partner!

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