7 Exercise Mistakes That Could Cost You ...

If you've spent countless hours at the gym and you are still not at your goal, it may have you wondering if there are exercise mistakes that you are making. All these hours of fitness have to add up to something, so why are you not seeing the results you are putting the time in for? Incorrect form, skipping your stretch, lack of focus or not pushing enough can have you making some major exercise mistakes that are costing you time and may cost you an injury. So how do you stop this before it starts? Here are the exercise mistakes that could cost you and how you can combat them:

1. You Skip Your Stretch

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After you head into the gym, you jump right on the treadmill and sprint. After 3 minutes, your left hamstring begins to hurt. You missed one major component of a balanced workout: stretching. So stretch it out before you work out. Perform some jumping jacks and leg lifts for 3 minutes to stretch it out, and then you will avoid making of the most common exercise mistakes.

2. You do Not Push through

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You start to feel labored breathing, beads of sweat drip down your face and just when you start to really work out, you stop. Why did you not push through and challenge yourself? Part of becoming fit is learning that when you work out, you have to become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

3. TV is Your Gym Focus

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You flip through several channels to find your favorite television show, and you use your gym time as TV time. But as you watch your show, you lose focus on the real reason you showed up. You joined the gym to work out, so remember why you started and stay focused. No television show should get in between you and a great workout.

4. You Waste Time Waiting

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You notice all the cardio machines are full so you stand there waiting. After 15 minutes of waiting, you catch up on emails. Why are you wasting this workout time? Make the most out of all your fitness time and do some abdominal work, crunches and free weights. Let the person who is exercising know you are waiting so they will feel loyalty in giving up the machine for you. They may even offer information about how long they have left on the machine.

5. You Get Too Social

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As you enter your long time gym, you seem to know everyone, you catch up with friends and talk to the entire staff. But in the midst of your fitness time, your workout is detoured with gossip. Stop jibber jabbering and get working out, people will not be offended. If you really enjoy chatting with your gym buddies, do so while on the cardio equipment. Just make sure your breathing is labored so you are working out hard enough, challenging yourself. I promise, you will still have a blast!

6. You Use Momentum

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Building momentum when you are lifting weights can be hindering your results. This can also result in an injury. So slow it down and feel the burn. Breathe in as you lift and breathe out when you are at the peak and weight is lifted.

7. You Exercise in the Fat Burning Zone

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The targeted β€œfat burning” zone on your cardio equipment can be falling short of what your goals are. So is this even accurate? Absolutely not, because if you bump up the intensity you will burn more overall calories than what you would burn in fat burning zone. So get moving and push yourself to the next level!

With all these exercise mistakes that could cost you, make sure you stay on top of your game in fitness and health so you can achieve amazing results! Tell me, do you have any exercise mistakes that you have made?

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