9 Excellent Reasons to Start Boxing ...

I love trying fun new ways to get fit and that's just one of the many reasons to start boxing. You don't have to have an opponent. The training itself is enough to help you both physically and mentally. After looking through these reasons to start boxing, you might just want to head to your nearest gym.

1. Perfect Cardio for All Levels

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It's important to have a good cardio workout several times a week. One of the best reasons to start boxing is because it's the perfect cardio workout. You can start off slowly, and gradually build to more intense combinations to keep your heart pumping away. Add in kickboxing and you've got an ideal calorie burning workout to help you meet your fitness goals. If nothing else, adding a few boxing moves to your regular cardio routine is a great way to change things up.

2. Strengthen Arms and Legs

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Boxing involves repetitive, quick motions. As a result, your arms and legs continually get stronger. After just a few weeks of regular training, you'll see a major difference. If you're fighting flabby arms or jiggly thighs, boxing is a fun way to tone them both. Plus, you'll pack a heck of a punch or kick if you ever need to defend yourself.

3. Major Stress Relief

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You know those days where nothing's gone right and you just feel like hitting something? Boxing is the answer. Spar with a partner or punch the bag. Either way, you get to take out your aggression and stress in a productive way. The physical activity helps relieve stress while the focus on your movements helps clear your mind. Spending 20-30 minutes boxing every few days will help you better control your stress levels.

4. Improve Coordination

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Boxing isn't just about hitting something. You have to know how and where to hit for maximum effectiveness. As you practice different movements and combinations, you're coordination improves. Suddenly, you actually start hitting your target. You can switch between punches and kicks without stumbling. It's an amazing difference really.

5. Self-Defense

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Every woman should know how to defend herself. While many take a self-defense course, adding boxing to the mix is a great way to learn new ways to protect yourself. You become stronger, more confident and understand how your body works. As a result, you're more likely to successfully fight back when faced with an opponent. Even if you never have to use it, having the skills makes you feel safer.

6. Control Your Impulses

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We've all had those moments where it's hard to contain our emotions. From anger to uncontrollable crying, it's not easy to reign in those emotional impulses, which often turn physical. Boxing helps you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, giving you better control over yourself. You'll find you're more level headed and even humble than ever before.

7. Learn to Push past Obstacles

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I was surprised at how differently I see obstacles now. Boxing isn't easy to learn, especially as you get into more advanced techniques. If you're sparring with a partner, you'll constantly have to push yourself to get better or you'll be beaten. Instead of giving up, boxing teaches you to just get stronger, try harder and push past obstacles. Suddenly, “I can't” becomes “I won't give up.”

8. Weight Loss

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While it shouldn't come as any surprise, boxing is excellent for weight loss. Since you can start as small as necessary, most weight levels can start dropping pounds with regular boxing training. In fact, an hour long session can burn as much as 500 calories. Combined with a healthy diet, you can get the body you've always wanted.

9. Become a Better Competitor

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It doesn't matter whether you work out with someone or train on your own. There's something about boxing that teaches you to become a better competitor. You learn to not only respect yourself, but others as well. Plus, as your fitness level improves, you also become a more formidable opponent. If you play team sports often, boxing will make a difference in how you play.

Boxing is for anyone. It doesn't matter what your current age or weight is. I highly recommend giving it a try and you'll see exactly how great it is for your body and mind. Have you ever tried boxing?

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