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Every Dancer Will Love These Pics of Misty Copeland ...

By Helen

If you haven't heard of Misty Copeland before, all of that is about to change. She's a rising star who has made history as the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. Here are a few breathtaking photos of her in action:

1 In the Air

Imagine having legs like that?

2 One Leg up

Her outfit looks as beautiful as the rest of her body does.

3 Taking a Bow

Her back looks just as flawless as the rest of her body.

4 Strike a Pose

She's not only talented, but she's super sexy too!

5 Posing in the Air

Don't you wish you could pull off a move like this?

6 Touch Your Toes

Are you this flexible? If not, it's time to exercise!

7 Legs out

If you take some classes, you could do this pose yourself one day!

8 Arms in the Air

Her dress is as flawless as her moves.

9 Beautiful from Head to Toe

Imagine being able to rest on your tippie toes like this?

10 Arched Back

Positions like these take time to perfect.

11 Foot up

Can you get your legs that straight?

12 Tight and Toned

Those legs are as strong as they come.

13 Perfect Pose

This is one of the hardest moves to pull off, but she makes it look easy!

14 On the Ground

How sexy does that outfit look on her?

15 Forward Bend

With enough practice, you can be as flexible as she is.

16 Elegant Outfit

She's as elegant as she is athletic.

17 Showing off Those Muscles

Look at those muscles in her legs!

18 Posed on the Floor

A stunning dress on a stunning woman!

19 Split

See if you can get your legs as far apart as she does!

20 With a Partner

A gorgeous girl needs a gorgeous man by her side.

21 Relaxing

She even looks amazing when she's trying to rest.

22 Lifted in the Air

Look how perfectly their bodies fit together!

Now that you know about Misty Copeland, you can consider her an inspiration. What other dancers should more women know about?

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