8 Easy 👌 Ways to Make Your Gym Clothes 👚 Fresh 🌺Every Time 📆 ...


I think we can all agree that working out is beneficial to our health and our overall well being, but having said that, there are definitely lots of factors at play that tend to make exercise a huge hassle! You might be tired, you might be sick, you might be feeling like having a lazy day, or perhaps, most annoyingly of all, you can’t face putting on those same old gym clothes that you keep forgetting to throw in the wash after every workout! Even though you get sweaty anyway, there is something gross feeling about putting on dirty work out gear. Don’t worry though, here are eight easy ways to make your gym clothes fresh every time.

1. Avoid Fabric Softener

Rather than making them cleaner, adding fabric softener to your wash can actually have the effect of creating a locked barrier on your gym clothes that keeps the smell deep within rather than flushing it out. For what it’s worth, it can also break down stretchy materials which is no good for the lifespan of your gym stuff.

Limit Detergent
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