Easy Ways to Exercise on a Long Flight ...


You might be overcome with excitement at the prospect of your destination but while your mind is ecstatic, your body isn’t. Cramped into an economy seat for a prolonged period is just not healthy. It’s important to keep moving while on a long flight and there are various exercises just perfectly designed for small spaces.

1. Steal a Move from Yoga – Chakravakasana – Aka Seated Cat Cow

You should call yourself lucky if you always manage to get some shut-eye on the flight. There is a drawback though – you are more likely to wake up with a sore back and a cricked neck. Place your feet flat on the ground with your hands placed on your knees. Push your shoulders back while pushing your belly forward. Keep looking towards the roof of the plane. Now draw your shoulders forward while rounding your spine. Lower your head to look at your belly. Repeat.

Leg Movements Are Essential for More than One Reason
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