Don't Be Lazy on Vaycay - 7 Workouts to do on Holiday ...

As I write this I feel this is so fitting because I am packing for a short vacation and planning when I will fit my workouts in. Vacation time is not about countless hours exercising since you have time off from work but it is about staying in shape. If you are like me and you want to indulge a little with food on vacation, you may want to balance this by staying active. But this does not mean you have to stress over non -stop fitness. Simple things you can do like an early run, hiking, biking, and so much more can help you to see the sights and stay slim. So plan your vacation the healthy way with workouts like these:

1. Beach Running

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If you are on vacation by a beach you should go enjoy the beautiful sights while you get your workout in with beach running. Beach running is a more effective workout than running on the road and the best part about it is you will avoid the hard pounding of the pavement. Nearly every vacation I go on I hit up the beach for a relaxing and enjoyable run.

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