7 Cool Fitness Gear I Love to Work out in ...

As I exercise each day I have certain fitness gear I love to work out in, and for good reasons of comfort and performance. The fitness gear I exercise in has helped me in many exercise events, and for this reason it works for me and my lifestyle. The fitness gear I prefer to work out in has become such a staple of my fitness regimen that I have purchased several. If you find something that works, it is best to stick with it. So let me share with you the cool fitness gear I love to work out in and I hope you do as well!

1. Pearl Izumi Sneakers

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I have run in Nike, Asics, Brooks, Saucony and other brands of shoes, but several years ago I switched to Pearl Izumi sneakers and they feel great. My PI kicks are lightweight with just the right support, stability, and cushion. They feel like slippers and make me feel like I am running super quick! So they top my fitness gear I practically live in.

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