20 Cool Bicycles That Might Inspire You to Take up Cycling ...


Bicycles are great tools for a workout. After all, cycling burns mega calories and tones muscles all over your body at the same time. You can find bikes in a huge range of styles and colors that fit any budget. That means taking up bike riding as exercise is great for just about anyone. Check out these super awesome bicycles and your only problem will be which one to choose. Don't forget your helmet!

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Neon Bike

Neon Bike Via Bicycles — Cleantech
Could anything be cooler than bicycles that glow in the dark? And they'd be great for visibility too. I want one!


All Terrain Tires

All Terrain Tires Via I want. and I don’t ...
This is a serious bike for a serious bike rider. You could take it for a spin just about anywhere.


Retro with Bags

Retro with Bags Via Robin Hood
This bike has a retro feel to it that is so appealing. It also has a couple of convenient places to hold your stuff while you ride.


Lots of Bright Colors

Lots of Bright Colors Via Fixie
Who says a bike has to be one basic, boring color? Definitely not the person who created this ride.


All Black

All Black Via Rullino foto-1312
Although, there's something to be said for an all black bike when it looks like this one.


Simple Design

Simple Design Via Random Inspiration 129 | Architecture, ...
There isn't anything super fancy about this bike, but it looks like it would be fun to ride.


Foldable Bike

Foldable Bike Via Incredible New Bicycles from Around ...
What a genius idea! This would be great for people who hike into the mountains for a rugged ride. I love the orange color too!


Black Bicycle with Touch of Red

Black Bicycle with Touch of Red Via Yumeiro 今日は何色? : 2012年08月
This bike is sleek and modern. It would be fun to ride, don't you think? You'd definitely turn a few heads on this one.


Black and Copper

Black and Copper Via RIDE Me
I have never seen a bike with copper on it before, but I totally love it!


Glow Wheels

Glow Wheels Via I liked this design on ...
If you think an all glow in the dark bike is too much, try this one with only the wheels that glow. Cool, huh?


Glow wheels are definitely a statement piece! Imagine cruising down the street at dusk with your wheels illuminated, turning heads as you pedal by. Not only do they look amazing, but they also provide an extra layer of safety during night rides, making you more visible to others on the road. Whether you're a casual cruiser or a serious cyclist, these glowing wheels are sure to add a touch of cool and practicality to your two-wheeled adventures. Plus, they're a fantastic conversation starter at every stop!


Hop on for a Ride

Hop on for a Ride Via A Low Tech Segway - ...
Give your friends (or kids) a ride with this handy addition to your bike.


A Basket

A Basket Via begbicycles.com
A bike with a basket is super cute! And it gives you somewhere to stash your belongings on the trail.


Earth Tones

Earth Tones Via Custom Cycling's Big Wheel
You'll be hard pressed to find another bike with this awesome color scheme.


Luxury Ride

Luxury Ride Via Grass Track Racer by Townsend ...
You can tell by all the attention to detail that this bike would be a dream to ride.


With its polished chrome finish and sleek lines, the Grass Track Racer by Townsend isn't just a mode of transportation; it's a statement piece. The plush leather saddle and handlebar grips scream comfort, while the cutting-edge gear system promises a smooth and efficient ride. Imagine the envious glances as you glide past the morning traffic, the embodiment of style and speed. But it isn't just about looks—this beauty comes with the kind of durability that serious cyclists covet. Whether it's a leisurely ride through the park or tackling the urban jungle, this bike means business.


Just the Basics

Just the Basics Via Random Inspiration 126 | Architecture, ...
This bike has everything you need for a great ride without going overboard on all the bells and whistles.


All One Color

All One Color Via Follow French Voguettes
A bike that's all one color? Genius! I'd choose it in turquoise. What color would you pick?


Chainless Bike

Chainless Bike Via Chainless Two-Wheelers : Bike 20
Chainless bikes are an innovative new trend that will change the sport of cycling forever.


Patterned Frame

Patterned Frame Via Fem.
Most bikes are a solid color, but one with a pattern is fun and full of personality.


Bicycle Built for Two

Bicycle Built for Two Via Stunning Vintage Photos of Early ...
You don't see them like this very often, but what a fun thing to do on a date.


Carry Home Your Beer

Carry Home Your Beer Via 6 Pack Frame Cinch
No bike is complete without a way to transport your beer home, am I right?

Is cycling your thing? I love a good long bike ride, but I go for function rather than super fancy. Although, my bike is a great turquoise color. Which of these bikes is on your wish list?

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