7 Common Fitness Myths Busted by Your Trainer ...


Being in the fitness industry for over ten years, I have run into quite a number of fitness myths and today I will bust a few of them. Just like a rumor, when people hear incorrect information repeatedly they often have trouble separating fact from fiction. I will break down a few of these myths to reveal the truth because it drives me crazy when people are misinformed. I am here to help you as your trainer and fitness friend. And this correct information will help you to achieve even better fitness and health results! Here are several fitness myths debunked:

1. Always Stretch before a Workout

Dynamic stretching, or stretching in motion, is more helpful prior to any workout but still some people swear by static stretching or slow paused stretching. Do what works best for you and your joints, but be aware that there are no studies that show static stretching helps alleviate muscle soreness or decrease injury prevention. This explains why my amazing running coach at the University of South Carolina rarely did a pre-run stretch. This is one of the major fitness myths!

To Recover Have a Post Workout Protein Shake or Bar
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