Turbo-Charged Exercises ⚑️ Guaranteed to Blast Away Belly FatπŸ’£ ...

"Exercises to blast belly fat" is one of the most searched workout questions on the internet. Since the midsection is a trouble zone for most people, often they assume they are doomed for a lifetime with a tire around their waist. High-waisted jeans, tankinis, loose tops, baby doll dresses and an endless array of other outfits are sold for the sheer goal of hiding belly fat. But at the end of the day, when you undress you are back at the same place you started, with the goal of combating your belly fat. So grab a glass of water, check out these videos, revamp your food to include fruit, vegetables and whole grains and get ready to work to get rid of your belly fat! You deserve to achieve your fitness and health goals so let’s get working to achieve this with these exercises to get rid of belly fat. And one more thing: if you are a sugar addict, ditch the processed sugar for the natural sugar in fruit for nearly instant results. You will see and feel the difference in your body in a matter of days! Okay, let’s do this.

1. Core and Legs

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You may notice someone familiar in this video because it is me, your trainer, motivator and AWS writer. In this video, I will show you the proper form for lunges and the plank. Work your total body so you can lower your fat stores, rev your metabolism and combat your belly fat. Stop wishing and start doing to make a difference in your body!

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