Finding the Right ✌🏼 Workout for Your Mood πŸ—― to Make You Feel Amazing 😁 ...

You know that exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good right? So what about if you knew that certain workouts and excises could be matched to certain moods and therefore make you feel even better. Try these and see if it does the trick.

1. When You’re Anxious

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The best workout for when you’re anxious is definitely high intensity interval training. This is because it can help to take your mind off of any worries that you might have by forcing you to focus solely on the intensive exercise that you are doing. HIIT circuit training is not only draining, but it is also the brand of exercise that can make you feel most euphoric and satisfied afterwards. So if you want an immediate distraction that will also improve your mood in the long run, then high intensity interval training is definitely for you.

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