7 Quick and Easy Workouts to Squeeze into Your Busy Day ...

If you are working multiple jobs, long hours or even just balancing school, squeezing in an hour of exercise can seem impossible. Believe me I get this, as this is my life too. And if you are an all or nothing kind of gal, you may feel like anything less may not be worth the effort. By the way, so not true! Do not give up on your goals of being fit and achieving your goal because your goal weight can be just around the corner of you work for it. So set your priorities and start out with quicker workouts to get you started with steps toward achieving your goal. You can do anything you put your mind, heart and some sweat into it!

1. In Just 8 Minutes You Can Be on Your Way to Getting Fit and Fab

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Try these great body weight exercises of 45 seconds on and 10 seconds rest to burn calories and target your total body. This workout is a tabata style workout with intense segments followed by a short rest and then get back into it. So give lots of energy and work yourself into super shape starting now!

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