9 Budget Workout Pieces That Won't Break the Bank ...

Looking for budget workout pieces that look great but won’t break the bank? Then you have to check out these 9 cheap yet chic and functional workout clothes that I found! I used to think that any old shirts and shorts would do, but in reality, wearing stylish workout wear can really make a difference! Not only can they motivate you to work harder, wearing clothes made especially for working out makes your workout much easier to do! With that said, let’s jump into these budget workout pieces so we can work on our fitness!

1. C9 by Champion Women's Layered Tank with Bra from Target

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Target is a fantastic place to find budget workout pieces, and their layered tank is one hot find! This tank is only $22.99, whereas Lululemon has a similar No Limits tank that retails for $64! Wear this loose-fitting tank for yoga, stretching or when you go on a run! It comes in five fun colors and is a nice change of pace from the typical tight-fitting workout wear we typically see!

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