7 Breathing Tips for Better Workouts ...


You might not realize just how much your breathing effects your workouts. The truth, according to experts at Shape magazine, is that how you breathe can change the way you exercise, but it can also give you more energy. Sounds pretty great to me. The trouble is that changing how you breathe is no easy task. I’ve gathered all the best tips here so go ahead and give them all a try to find which one works best for you. Here’s to better days and better workouts!

1. Heavy Lifting Requires Special Breathing

If you do weight lifting, it takes a special kind of breathing to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout. Inhale as you lift the weight, then close off your airway as you hoist the weight. This works to stabilize your core muscles and help prevent the risk of injury to your back. Practice with light weights until you’re totally comfortable with this change before you use it with heavy lifting.

Resist the Inhale with Resistance Bands
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