7 Biggest Loser Style Workouts ...

So you are a fan of the show The Biggest Loser and hope to one day achieve the same results of losing weight, bettering your health and transforming your life? But you do not have the resources of trainers and nutritionists to guide you on a daily basis? With the endless resources here at allwomenstalk and the many exercise videos you can find on the internet, motivation is literally just a click away. So check out these great videos so that the Biggest Loser trainers can guide and motivate you to get on track to achieve your best shape yet from the comfort of your home!

1. Bootcamp

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Want to follow a great bootcamp workout without enlisting in the military? Then check out this great video to star in your own biggest loser episode right in your living room as you work out with trainer Bob Harper! This is a great workout to get you ready on the first day of your fitness journey to get in shape and discover your inner athlete.

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