2. Blogilates

Blogilates is the ultimate combination of blogging and pilates started by Cassey Ho. I truly enjoy her workouts because they target the hard to reach areas and she’s an amazing instructor. She sends out a monthly email with a day of the week focusing on a particular body part and you click the date to go straight to the videos. I even learned about Whole30 from her videos and I got more interested in healthy eating after attempting the reset last January.

The best things about Blogilates is the difficulty of her videos and her positive attitude.

Her workouts are very challenging but her energy and ability to connect with viewers will stop you from pausing the videos. Oh and her videos are free too! Cassey has over 500 videos on Youtube, ranging from 3-minute butt videos to quick healthy recipes. There is no excuse not to workout if you know about Blogilates because she has something for even the busiest people. She also has a beautiful line of POPFLEX workout clothes, yoga mats, stationery, and bottles.


As you can tell I love both of these websites and working out in general. Fitnessblender and Blogilates are programs that inspire millions of people because they focus on being happy, healthy, and honest. I hope that this article encourages you to look into their workouts or simply embody the same characteristics in your life.

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