10 Benefits of Regular Exercise ...


Right before I turned twenty, I started my first serious fitness regimen, and right away I noticed the outrageous benefits of regular exercise. Before, I laughed off exercise as a waste of time, regardless of the fact I hated my body. I assumed that dieting alone would help me stay thin, or make me thin, depending on if I was on a weight loss kick or not at the time. Little did I know that one of the best benefits of regular exercise was coming off the diet rollercoaster mentality, along with a host of other benefits. If youโ€™re unsure if you should make time for exercise, or whether or not exercise is actually doing you any good, read on to discover unknown benefits of regular exercise that can literally change your life and your body!

1. Stress Adaptation

One of the first major benefits of regular exercise I started to notice when I began working out was how well I handled stress, almost immediately. Before, I would let anything send me into a spiral of depression and in fact, when I started exercising seriously, I was in the first major depression of my life. I had just moved home from college and was suffering from isolation, depression and an eating disorder. When I began working out, I noticed that I kept coming back to the gym day after day, more for the mental strength working out was giving me than for how it was changing my body. When you exercise, you're not only increasing your physical stamina, but youโ€™re also activating tons of neurons in your brain that completely change how you think and handle stress.

Better Sleep
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