7 Benefits of HIIT Workouts That You Shouldn't Ignore ...


7 Benefits of HIIT Workouts That You Shouldn't Ignore ...

Low intensity workout benefits don’t compare to the benefits of HIIT workouts! High intensity interval training is a type of aerobic exercise characterized by short bursts of intense fitness followed by a period of low-intensity exercise. Ever-mounting research shows that this is the ideal form of exercise for rapid weight loss. It is a shortcut to your summer body without compromising your health! However, while it is a shortcut, it is not the easy way out, as it requires that you put in 110 percent to get all the benefits of HIIT workouts!

1 Burns More Fat

One of the top benefits of HIIT workouts that makes them such a big trend is the fact that they burn more calories in a short period of time than most of the long low intensity workouts. In addition to providing a higher rate of fat loss, you will burn even more calories due to the after-burn effect. Since your body has greater oxygen debt after a more intense workout, it will spend more energy restoring the balance after and therefore grabbing all of the energy from fats!

2 No Equipment Needed

The beauty of HIIT workouts is that most of them don’t require any equipment! While you can always incorporate biking, running the treadmill and jumping rope as part of your HIIT exercise, there is really no need to waste money on a gym membership or any equipment. All you need is you own body and motivation. Go hard or go home!

3 Available Anywhere

As mentioned before, there is really no need for a fancy gym membership when you can perform HIIT exercise almost anywhere! As long as you find enough of space, you are good to go. Especially since HIIT is such a simple concept, you can really incorporate it into your lifestyle wherever you may be.

4 Cardiovascular Benefits

Most people don’t get maximum cardiovascular benefits from slow paced workouts because they don’t push themselves to the point where it feels like their heart is going to jump out of their chest. However, with HIIT, people see noticeable improvement in their performance just after a few weeks of training. For example, individuals can bike and run twice as long as they could before while maintaining their pace.

5 Takes up Little Time

If you follow a hectic schedule and find it hard to find time to work out, HIIT is perfect for your type of lifestyle! HIIT offers the same health benefits in 30 minutes as 90 minutes of low intensity exercise. So get on board because now there are no more excuses!

6 Variety of Exercises

Admittedly, working out can get repetitive and boring, which is why you should always switch it up. What’s great about HIIT is that you are able to perform any form of exercise with the same format. As long as you train hard for 1 minute and relax for 30-second intervals, you burn calories, improve muscle cell function and increase lung capacity.

7 Increases Metabolism

HIIT exercises boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories even when you are resting on a couch! Since you consume more oxygen during HIIT workouts than any other non interval exercises, the extra oxygen increases your metabolism up to 1-3 hours after working out!

HIIT is the best form of exercise if you are looking for a faster road to weight loss. However, don’t expect it to be easy because after just one HIIT session, you won’t be able to tell your arm from your leg! What is your favorite way to get your body moving?