9 Benefits of Exercise Other than Keeping You Fit ...


We all know the reasons we should work out to keep fit but have you ever thought of the other benefits of exercise? It can be a bit of slog to make yourself work out regularly, but what if you know just how much good it is doing you other than keeping you lean and trim and able to climb the stairs without wheezing? A bit of extra motivation to get that workout in is never a bad thing and that’s what learning about the additional benefits of exercise can do. Read on and you’ll be reaching for those sneakers or your gym kit post haste.

1. Reduces Stress

After a rough day at work, you can beat the stress just by taking a quick walk or spending some time in the gym. Pumping some iron or simply taking a walk or anything that makes you sweat will help a lot in managing mental and physical stress, which is one of the great mental benefits of exercise. Exercise improves concentrations of a specific chemical called norepinephrine that plays a role in moderating your brain's response to stress. So, go get sweaty!

Better Sleep
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