Awesome 👏🏼 Tips to Stop ✋🏼 Your Gym Embarrassment 😳 for Girls Wanting to Get Fit 💪🏼 ...

We've all been there-you're ready to reinvent yourself. You're ready to start your health and exercise journey, and then you remember-the gym! That's when the fear and anxiety sets in. What if I don't know how to work the equipment? What if others laugh at me? What if I'm the only one there who isn't fit? That's when you start to make excuses not to go before you've even gone! Well that thinking stops here with these 7 fabulous tips to boost your gym confidence once and for all! Thank you


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While a little self-criticism can be motivating, consistently focusing on our failures can have a devastating impact on our self-esteem, which does nothing when it comes to motivating ourselves to get back in shape. Rather than doing something to change the things we dislike about ourselves, we get so caught up in self-blame that we become sad and depressed and wonder if we should even bother.

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