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I can think of plenty of simple reasons to date an athlete. But can you think of reasons that will actually benefit you? Most athletes look for love interest in other athletes, but do you really know why? Here are 7 awesome reasons to date an athlete.

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They’ll Keep You in Shape

One of the greatest reasons to date an athlete is knowing they’ll keep you in shape. Being an athlete, you'll have someone to workout with which is always fun. If your partner is just as interested in fitness as you are, it’s even greater. Having an athlete as a partner will give you a reason to wake up an hour early every morning and put in time at the gym. Loving someone with the same goals as you will make it even easier to stay fit.


Athletes often come with built-in motivation and an infectious energy for staying active. This means you'll be less likely to skip a workout when you've got your very own cheerleader by your side. Imagine joining your beau for runs, lifting sessions, or even trying out new and exciting sports together. Shared physical activities not only strengthen your bodies but also your bond, as you support and push each other to achieve your fitness and health goals. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the adrenaline rush of keeping pace with your athletic partner. It's the perfect way to combine romance and wellness, creating a healthier lifestyle for both of you.


They’ll Motivate You

Motivation is key. When wanting to stay in shape, having a partner there to motivate you is all you need. Whether it’s that push to add in an extra rep, or just someone to keep feeding you positive thoughts, having a partner to motivate you will make working out easier. Everyone needs a little motivations sometimes, and what’s better than getting it from the one you love?


They’ll Always Be a Good Teammate

If fitness is a big part of both your lives, working together will always be easy. Not just in the gym, but also in your life together. Working together can keep the relationship steady with fewer problems. Plus, you know you’ll always have someone great on your side. Having a good teammate wont just help you accomplish things together, it will help you learn about how to work together to achieve goals.


They’re Competitive

Doing the same workouts can get boring, but what’s better than a little competition? Dating an athlete will keep the competition in the relationship at a perfect level. Setting goals for not only yourself but also to beat him will help make your stronger and give you another reason to work harder than he is. Good competition will make you a better athlete.


They’ll Maintain a Good Diet

Being surrounded by people with bad diets will cause you to have one yourself. Dating an athlete is good for you because they’ll be focused on staying healthy, just as you’d like. Being able to stay healthy and eat the same foods as your partner makes things easier. Now, you wont have too much of an urge to eat that chocolate cupcake! Having someone encourage you to eat healthy will only make it easier and more enjoyable.


They like a Challenge

When dating an athlete, there will never be a dull moment. An athlete always likes a challenge, so you’ll just have to learn to keep up. Daily routines will become more interesting if you’re a couple who focuses most of their time on fitness. You’ll just have to get used to having the mindset of a winner.


They’ll Always Be Your Number One Fan

No matter what happens, when dating an athlete, you know they’ll always be there for you. At every race or every game, they’ll always be that special someone cheering you on. Having someone with such a positive attitude around you will not only make you a better athlete, but a better person. And what’s better than your number one fan being the one you love?

So, have you thought about going to the gym to find Mr. Right now? Dating an athlete can be a fun and rewarding experience, for both you and your partner. Have you ever dated an athlete? If not, what are some reasons you'd date an athlete?

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in my opinion, athletes are really passionate. ;)

I really need to date an athlete then. Maybe I'll go from lardass mom to MILF. Wouldn't that be nice? :-)

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