7 Awesome Fitness Products by Women for Women ...

Jennifer Knightstep

7 Awesome Fitness Products by Women for Women ...

These 7 products, designed for women, by women, are proof that the best person to design a fitness product for a woman is another woman. Let's see which ones you're already using, and which ones you didn't even know you need to try.

1 Mamma Chia

Mamma Chia is the original chia seed drink, and the company was founded by Janie Hoffman, who really just wanted to create something for her own health. If you haven't tried Mamma Chia, you really should! It's delicious and loaded with nutrition!

2 Handana

If you sweat a lot when you work out (ugh, I sure do!) then you've probably experienced the sting and burn of sweat dripping in your eyes. Handana founder Katie Niemeyer is a survivor of SJS (look it up), and she created this super-absorbent sweatband, worn on your hand, because she understood, first-hand, the misery of sweat in your eyes.

3 Sweaty Bands

When fitness instructor Donna Browning had enough of store-bought elastic headbands slipping out of place while she was teaching classes, she sewed her own bands and thus Sweaty Bands was born! I like these to wear with a ponytail; they're thin but they stay in place!

4 Bolder Bands

What if you don't want a thin headband, and prefer something thicker that stays in place? Try a Bolder Band, designed by Colorado native and mom-of-three Amy Crouse in 2013. I love the bright designs and the fact that they really don't move during a run or workout!

5 Fabletics

Celebs can be designers and co-founders of fitness products, too! Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics, and as someone who basically lives in her leggings, I can tell you the entire line is comfy, affordable, and ready for intense calorie-burning.

6 Girls on the Run

Founded by Molly Barker and Dori Luke in 1996, Girls on the Run isn't as much a product as it is an inspiring brand or movement. It's kind of like a running-based Girl Scouts, helping build strong, resilient, smart girls and young women. With chapters across the U.S., there's bound to be a Girls on the Run near you. If not... start one!

7 Luna Bar

Along with her husband, Gary, Kit Crawford is the founder of Luna Bar (a division of Clif Bar). Luna bars are designed to meet a woman-on-the-go's nutritional and energy needs, and since they come in 13 flavors, there's bound to be a bar you'll love. My fave is the Lemon Zest... yum!

Do you know of any other fitness products designed for women, by women? Please let me know!