7 Awesome Exercises for Curvaceous Calves ...

You can’t have completely sexy legs without curvy calves, so want to know the exercises for calves to help you achieve this? It is going to take some work but I promise it will not be endless hours in a gym or mega miles running on the road. And it will all be well worth it! Curvaceous calves look great when you wear your heels or as you unveil your bikini body! Curvaceous calves are not given to you without work but with the right exercises, you can have the shapely, sexy calves you have always wanted! Here are the best exercises for calves:

1. Standing Calf Raise

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Stand with both legs parallel and lift up on the balls of your feet, then slowly lower and feel the resistance of your weight. Repeat for 3 sets of 18. This is one of the best exercises for calves. And you can do this while you talk on the phone to a friend or even when standing in line at a grocery store.

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