7 Amazing Sports Stars Who Make Their Sport an Art ...


To me, sport has never been purely just about winning and I have always been one to support those amazing sports stars that exhibit flashes of brilliance which live long in the memory. They say the winners are always remembered and the losers always forgotten, but it takes a special individual to produce memory-making moments in their sport that would take pride of place alongside any artistic masterpiece. Amazing sports stars take risks and it always breaks my heart when the artist comes up short against the athlete, but that is the beauty of sport. Please take the time to witness the following greats in action – they continue to astound me, even to this day.

1. Roger Federer

Roger Federer

All amazing sports stars have a distinctive character and style that lightens up the playing arena. Federer is the only player of the current generation who combines the classic style of tennis with the power hitting that is now associated with the modern game. The Swiss maestro is known for his grace, poise and an attacking instinct which remains unmatched. He also possesses an incredible array of shots which would be impossible to find in a tennis coaching manual; such is his ability to improvise. The 32-year-old has had a glittering career which has seen him capture 17 Grand Slam singles titles and his sumptuous one-handed backhand remains something of a dying breed. His best days may be behind him, but the virtuoso still remains the biggest draw on the tour, such is the aesthetic pleasure that his game brings to many. Wimbledon is fast approachingand you would be mad to miss it.

Usain Bolt
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