7 Amazing Calorie Killing Exercises Celebrities Swear by ...


If you want a Hollywood body like your favorite stars have, then you have to check out these fabulous exercises celebrities swear by. I’m a huge fitness nut, and although I don’t spend hours in a gym everyday, I love keeping up with the fitness trends of celebrities and celebrity trainers. After all, if the exercises can keep the stars looking as amazing as they do, I figure they’re worth me giving them a shot at home. Many celebrities don’t do crazy workouts to get the bodies they have; they simply do effective ones that work quickly and efficiently. Check out these calorie-killing exercises that some of the hottest celebs swear by and you can rock your own star worthy figure right in your living room!

1. Hot Yoga

One of the most popular types of exercises celebrities swear by is hot yoga. I’m a huge fan of yoga, and although I don’t turn up the temps while I’m getting my downward dog on, I do love the mind and body benefits of this total body toning exercise. Celebs like Rebecca Romijn and Britney Spears are huge fans of yoga, along with Jennifer Aniston and others. I personally love yoga for the way it allows you to use your own body to create strength and muscle definition. By turning up the thermostat in your room, your body sweats more, burns more calories and even helps your body detox by sweating out toxins.

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