All the Fabulous Reasons Fit Girls Are Better in Bed ...

By Laura

All  the Fabulous  Reasons Fit Girls  Are Better in Bed  ...

Let's face it.. We all want to be pros at the horizontal mambo. If you didn't already need ANOTHER reason to get fit, you're going to love these fit girl sex pros brought to you by! Not only will you feel better in the bedroom when you're fit and happy with your appearance, but fitness will come in handy in terms of your performance. So read below to check out awesome pros for better sex as a fit girl.

Table of contents:

  1. they know all about reps, so round two is no problem
  2. they're flexible, which is always a bonus in bed
  3. long sessions at the gym are basically just endurance training for sexy times
  4. they're nice to look at
  5. you won't be stuck in missionary every time — stamina means mixing things up!
  6. if they can run 10km without stopping, just think of the possibilities in the bedroom
  7. they know how tough it is to maintain a hot bod, so they'll appreciate yours even more
  8. they're competitive, which can lead to some very sexy bedtime games
  9. they're seriously strong, which means fun stuff like shower sex
  10. toned muscles = scientifically better orgasms. seriously
  11. they've got no problem being sweaty
  12. instead of ordering pizza to satisfy break-time munchies, they'll have healthy food on hand
  13. you'll never get stuck doing all the work
  14. looking good increases self-esteem, which means confidence during in-your-pants parties
  15. they won't let you sleep through your workout the morning after
  16. they're used to encouraging fellow gym-goers, so they'll definitely be vocal when you do your thing

1 They Know All about Reps, so round Two is No Problem

person, cartoon, arm, screenshot, hand, Round three, anyone?

2 They're Flexible, Which is ALWAYS a Bonus in Bed

muscle, screenshot,

3 Long Sessions at the Gym Are Basically Just Endurance Training for Sexy Times

performing arts, performance, entertainment, stage, performance art, If they can last an hour at CrossFit, they'll definitely last in the sack.

4 They're Nice to Look at

hair, face, fashion, muscle, Like, really nice.

5 You Won't Be Stuck in Missionary Every Time — Stamina Means Mixing Things up!

human action, person, people, woman, man, Unless it was leg day, of course.

6 If They Can Run 10km without Stopping, Just Think of the Possibilities in the Bedroom

hair, face, human action, person, head, You're about to embark on a whole different type of marathon.

7 They Know How Tough It is to Maintain a Hot Bod, so They'll Appreciate Yours Even More

superhero, fictional character, Maybe they'll even offer to massage your sore muscles . . .

8 They're Competitive, Which Can Lead to Some Very Sexy Bedtime Games

bodybuilding, muscle, wrestler, Pants-free basketball is just the start.

9 They're Seriously Strong, Which Means Fun Stuff like Shower Sex

hair, face, person, hairstyle, black hair, No more cramped legs or awkward tumbles!

10 Toned Muscles = Scientifically Better Orgasms. Seriously

human action, person, hair, blond, mouth, "Improved muscle tone can increase sexual gratification since orgasms depend on multiple muscle activity," said physiologist Franci Cohen.

11 They've Got No Problem Being Sweaty

blond, supermodel, screenshot, singer, In fact, they love it!

12 Instead of Ordering Pizza to Satisfy Break-time Munchies, They'll Have Healthy Food on Hand

screenshot, Fresh produce, green juice . . . you name it!

13 You'll Never Get Stuck Doing All the Work

performance art, stage, sense, Teamwork for the win!

14 Looking Good Increases Self-esteem, Which Means Confidence during in-your-pants Parties

performance, concert, rock concert, musician, performing arts, There's nothing sexier than a confident lover.

15 They Won't Let You Sleep through Your Workout the Morning after

hair, facial hair, beard, screenshot, Get ready to do the walk of shame all the way to Spin class.

16 They're Used to Encouraging Fellow Gym-goers, so They'll Definitely Be Vocal when You do Your Thing

people, day, Bring on the compliments, baby!

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