7 Ab Workouts That Will Give You Sensational Results ...

Looking for some new ab workouts to give you sensational abs this summer? Then look no further because I have some amazing exercises for you. As a certified trainer and mother of 3, I have managed to achieve better abs now than when I was in high school and so can you! How is this possible? With the right exercises and of course clean healthy eating. Here are several ab workouts that can help you achieve the abs you have always wanted, but never thought you would achieve:

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The plank exercise is one of the timeless ab workouts that really works. This exercise works your total core to help you achieve great abs along with strengthening your back. To perform this exercise, get in push up position, now drop your weight down to lie on your forearms and hold. Beginners should perform the plank for just 30 seconds and work your way up to a minute to achieve great abs!

2. Side Oblique

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The side obliques also known as love handles are where most women harbor fat due to the necessity for a higher level of essential fat to bear children. But do not worry, you are not doomed to live with this forever if you work it out. Lie on your back and drop your legs to the side and elevate your upper body, using your hands to cradle your neck for 10 counts on each side. This will help you to strengthen your side obliques and say goodbye to those love handles.

3. Tighten

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As you perform any abdominal exercise, make sure you slow it down a bit and tighten your abs. If you tighten your abs, you will see greater results and also feel muscle soreness the next day. Be sore or be sorry you do not work hard enough!

4. Plyo Push Ups

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Push ups are not just to strengthen your arms but also your abs and back. To focus more on your abs when performing a push up, perform a plyo push up. As you are raising your body up from a push up, lift your entire body into the air (you can even add a clap) and then repeat. This will help strengthen your core and achieve the sensational abs you have been dreaming of.

5. Crunch

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Crunches are another exercise that as basic as it is, works. To perform a crunch, lie on your back, support your neck and lift up, tightening your core as you lift. Do 20 repetitions and remember it is all about quality not quantity. You can do hundreds of crunches but if you are not focusing on form, it is not worth the time as it will not bring you results.

6. Lying Leg Lifts

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Lying on your back, lift up your legs and tighten your core. Now alternate your leg lifts in a flutter to get the most out of this abdominal exercise. You should feel your abs working along with your quadriceps (the leg muscle on the top of your leg). Perform for 2 minutes to feel the burn and see results!

7. Side Plank

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Get in the plank position, on your forearms, body in a straight line, and reach up to the side, stacking your legs on top of one another. Hold for 20 seconds, and then switch to the other side and hold for 20 seconds. This exercise will help you to strengthen and slim your oblique down. So get planking!

I hope these exercises will help you to achieve the sensational abs you have always wanted. Every ab exercise and clean meal is one step closer to helping you achieve great abs. Do you love your abs? If so, what is abdominal exercise ritual that works for you?

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