4. Dancing with Others is a Great Way to Socialize, Make Friends, and Stay Connected with People

Consider signing up for a dance class. Dancing makes us feel happy, energized and youthful – improving our overall sense of well-being and awesomeness. Dancing makes us feel good all over.

Pick your top ten favorite dance songs and download them onto your iPod. (If you can’t handle the iPod thing, either go online or to a store to buy some premixed dance music or tune into your favorite radio station for some great top 40 hits).

Dance with your best friend, boyfriend, kids, or just you. Turn up the music, ladies. Grab your man off the couch and make him move with you.

Bend over and shake your butt in his face. I’ll bet if you add a few bumps and grinds, he will happily dance around the room with you. Gather all your glory and girlfriends and DANCE!

Try a Zumba, belly dancing or striptease dance class. Friday nights at the club works well, too.

My favorite endorphin high is an interval dance style workout that includes a variety of squats, pushups, burpees and lunges mixed with one-minute dance intervals.

Change up a boring old machine cardio workout. Jump off the machine every 3 minutes and dance. Let yourself go wild with movement for one minute

READY? Turn up your favorite dance tunes and try this high-energy dance interval workout today



After each 4 round set DANCE your ass off for 1 minute!

Run-in-Place β€” 20 Seconds on, 10 Seconds Rest X 4 Rounds
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