These 30 Quotes about Fitness & Nutrition Will Keep You Motivated ...


Need a little inspiration to keep on with your fitness and nutrition goals?

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these quotes can help!

1. Rules for Healthy Living


2. Not a Diet

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Via Smart Health Talk Resolutions2

3. Your Strength

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Via The Strength Within

4. Change Your Perspective

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Via 6 Week Emergency Makeover Program

5. Food is Fuel!


6. Not an Option

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Via Keep The Drive Alive: Simplyshredded’s

7. The Art of Mindful Eating

Via The Surprising Benefits Of Mindful

8. Jamie's Take

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Via Find Your Greatness - happy-and-healthier

9. Simple! Kale!

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Via All Kale Everything: Types, Techniques

10. A New Me

Via - Advocare 24 Day

11. Eat Right

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Via BodyRock Motivation … (34 photos)

12. Lou's Take

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Via TheMotivatedType

13. Every Time!

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Via Home - Dr. Mark Hyman2

14. Train Insane...

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Via Easy Ways On How To

15. Food + Exercise

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Via Guest Post, She is Clothed

16. Wellness

Via Wellness is the new skinniness

17. Medicine or Poison

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Via 10 Smart Health Resolutions #8

18. Did He Really Say This?

Via 17 Quotes About Health &

19. Don't Stop

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Via Super cali swag ilistic sexy

20. Crap

Via Indulgy - Everyone deserves a

21. Strength

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Via Chalene Johnson Official Site

22. The Key...

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23. Eat & Wear

Via Free Weight Loss Secret!

24. Athletes

Via homemaker: A Body In

25. A Temple


26. Abs

Via Abdominal Anatomy : Your Abs

27. Eating for Change

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Via Committed to Get Fit: How

28. I Don't Diet...

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Via Clean Eating Snacks ~ To

29. One Little Letter!

Via Weight Loss NYC - Medical

30. Better

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Via Our Favorite Fitness Quotes
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