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Getting in shape, losing weight and feeling great is all about creating a healthier lifestyle and with this you may develop some rituals you follow on a daily basis.

Rituals like using your legs as transportation when you can instead of jumping in the car at every opportunity can make a difference.

As can choosing to graze instead of gorge.

One more thing, make sure you exercise on a regular basis with no excuses.

These rituals will help you to slim down and get in your best shape!

1. Keep a Glass of Water Next to You

Keep a Glass of Water Next to You

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, eliminate toxins and get rid of the bloat.

If you keep a glass of water next to you at all times you will be reminded to drink.2

And you will not be drinking water later in the day and interrupting sleep with unexpected bathroom breaks.

So drink to your health, weight and aiding your digestive system.2

2. Do Not Skip Meals

Do Not Skip Meals

Skipping meals will cause you to have mood swings, slow down your metabolism and feel all out of sorts.

So stop skipping meals and then eating like a line-backer later.

If you eat mini meals you will have more energy and never feel hungry again.

And the bonus is that you will boost your metabolism!

3. Jog Wherever You Go

Jog Wherever You Go

The two block walk to your car can be a total waste of possible energy expended, so push yourself and jog to your car.2

I often race my kids to the car and I make every possible fitness moment matter.

Small changes add up to make a serious difference.

So go ahead and make every moment matter by developing healthy fitness rituals each day!

4. Schedule Your Workouts Everyday

Schedule Your Workouts Everyday

How many times do you skip your workout because you are tired, busy or just not into it?

Hopefully your reply was never but if you are like most, this does happen.

So change your daily lifestyle and schedule your workouts to be nonnegotiable.

This means no matter how busy, tired, bored or not that into it you are, you still get it done!

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