These Cardios Are Amazing for Weight Loss ...


I confess: I used to loathe cardio.

But a few years ago, I discovered it doesn't have to be a chore, and in fact, it can even be β€” gasp!

β€” fun.

So whether you're looking for a new cardio exercise to help you lose weight, stay fit, or just have more energy, here are the best cardios for weight loss, fitness, and energy (see what I did there)?

1. Trail Running

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So it doesn't look like much - running on a trail - but even without much of an elevation change, trail running is so much more of a cardio workout than even regular running.


2. Elliptical Machine

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I'm the opposite of coordinated, so I'm afraid to try an elliptical workout - have you tried it?

What's it like?

3. Spinning

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Ha ha ha!


Not THAT kind of spinning!

I mean the spin class at the gym.

4. Bicycling

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If the new Soul Cycle craze is a bit intense for you, no worries - just hop on your bicycle and ride.

It's still an excellent cardio workout!

5. Stand-up Paddleboard

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Via SUP should be just as

This looks like so much fun!

I want to try it!

6. Stairs (or Stair-Climber)

Via Run fast??

Your legs will be SO SORE the next day, but using the Stair Climber at the gym, or better yet, climbing actual stairs, is sure to get your heart thumping.2

7. Dog Walking

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Via | We Heart It

I don't mean a leisurely stroll around the park - I mean let your big dog pull you through an almost-running half-hour "walk."

8. Jump Rope

Via Jump rope- best cardio ever

It's not just for kiddies on the playground - jumping rope is a great cardio workout!

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