The Cure to Menstrual Cramps - 7 Exercises to do during Your Period ...


As much as you'd like to sprawl out in bed with Netflix and a bag of chips, you shouldn't skip your exercise routine just because you have your period. While you probably don't want to do laps around the pool or bend your aching back into ridiculous positions, there are some simple ways to work out that won't cause you any pain. In fact, they can actually reduce the severity of your cramps. Here are some basic exercises to do the next time you get your period:

1. Go for a Run

Running is the easiest exercise to do, whether you're on your period or not. You can choose to circle around your block or run on a treadmill while watching Game of Thrones, because either way you'll be getting well needed cardio. Of course, if you're too worn out to run, you can settle for a brisk walk.

Bike around the Block