7 Team Sports That'll Help You Stay in Shape ...


If youโ€™re like me, traditional gym time is total agony.

I want to stay in shape, but I want to have fun while Iโ€™m doing it.

If you feel the same, forget the treadmill and sign yourself up for a team sport instead.

Youโ€™ll get a fabulous workout, but you wonโ€™t have to suffer through an hour in Zumba if you hate it.

Here are some sports that burn mega calories and help you stay in shape.

Go team!

1. Basketball

Basketball is my absolute favorite team sport!

Itโ€™s so much fun to run back and forth and shoot nothing but net.

While youโ€™re playing, you are working the muscles all over your body, including your legs, butt, back, shoulders and arms.

Trust me โ€“ youโ€™ll feel it after just one practice.

You also burn about 450 calories per hour.

2. Soccer

More of an outdoor sport kind of girl?

Soccer is a clear choice for you then.

Youโ€™ve seen the muscular legs of pro soccer players and you can get them too with a bit of practice and a few games.

Plus, the balance you need to kick the ball activates your core muscles and helps them stay sleek too.

Soccer will also help you torch over 400 calories per hour.

3. Tennis

If you want to play on a team of your own, or you just want one teammate, tennis can be a great sport for you.2

Your time on the court can easily get rid of nearly 500 calories per hour and youโ€™ll be working the muscles all over your body.

Playing singles generally burns more calories than doubles because youโ€™ll have to cover the entire court, but you will miss out on the comradery of playing on a team.

4. Volleyball

If you want a toned and cut body that includes your legs, back, shoulders and arms, you may want to find a volleyball team to join.2

This game is really fun and creates a perfect workout for you.

You can easily torch 400 calories when youโ€™re playing a competitive game.

Love beach volleyball?

The benefits are pretty much the same so thereโ€™s no rule that says you have to stay in the gym to reap the rewards of volleyball.

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