7 Reasons Six Pack Abs Are Really Overrated ...


I know most of us at some point have dreamed of having perfect six pack abs. Guys are even worse for desperately trying to get the washboard look. Personally, I think six pack abs are really overrated. They look good, but I see plenty of stunning women who just have flat tummies and no real ab definition. If you're tired of trying to get perfect abs, just tell everyone six packs are overrated and focus on being healthy instead.

1. They're Constant Work

Do you really want to do 200 crunches every single day for the rest of your life? Maintaining six pack abs isn't as easy as doing 30 minutes at the gym several times a week. To get and keep those coveted abs means an intense ab workout almost daily, counting every calorie and basically living for your abs. To me, there are much better things to do. I'd settle for a slim stomach and strong abs if it means more time for my friends, family and hobbies.

Possible Back Problems