7 No Equipment Exercises You Can Squeeze into Any Schedule ...

As a certified trainer, I help people who work as many as 90 hours per week with limited time, get in shape. With the right workout you can always find time. And if you make health and fitness your priority you can find time for exercise. To help you get started let me share with you some shorter workouts that are easy to carve into your busy day. And these workouts require zero equipment which means you can do them anywhere! So are you ready to get started? Then let’s do it - now!

1. Eight Minutes is All You Need

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Are you on a time crunch but dying to squeeze a workout in? Get a really great workout in just 8 minutes as you perform a tabata high intensity routine of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. This sequence of work, rest is repeated for 8 minutes total time.

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