Little Known Yoga Poses for Girls Who Are Dying for More Energy πŸƒ ⚑ ...


You might be surprised to find out that exercise can actually give you energy and make you feel more awake and alert.2

That’s because it gets the blood flowing to your brain, helping it work at top capacity.

Yoga is a great choice because it also helps you relax and focus on your breathing, which relieves stress.

If you need more energy, yoga really is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Try any or all of these poses and you’ll see just what I mean.

1. Camel Pose is a Brilliant Choice

Camel pose is ideal for increasing energy because bending backward opens your body up, increasing energy and alertness.

To do this pose, kneel on your yoga mat, then bend your body back reaching for your feet with your hands.

Let your head hang down, increasing oxygen and blood flow to your brain.

2. Add Bridge Pose to Your Routine Today

Bridge pose is one of the most common in any yoga routine.

For good reason too.

This pose is said to give you energy and restore your entire body at the same time.

Lie on your mat, knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

Lift your hips and lower torso up, keeping your arms straight at your sides.

Easy, right?

3. Sphinx Pose is a No-Brainer

This pose gets its name from the position you hold while performing the move.2

Just doing the move stretches your back and opens up your body, helping restore energy and alertness in mere minutes.

Lie on your stomach on your mat, then raise your upper body up onto your elbows, arms bent at a 90-degree angle.


4. Upward Facing Dog is Different, but Perfect

You’ve heard of downward facing dog, but have you ever done upward facing dog?

Yoga experts say it’s a great choice for lifting and opening your chest, which can give you an energy boost just when you need one.

Lie on your stomach on your mat, then raise your upper body, supporting yourself on the palms of your hands, elbows straight.2

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