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Getting in your workout is a great thing, but you need to refuel when you’re done.

Not just any snack will do either.

You don’t want to undo all your hard work by going out for burritos or slurping a giant soda on the way home from the gym.

Instead, you need to choose a food that will reenergize you, but keep you healthy at the same time.

According to the experts these are the best things to nibble after a workout.

1. Grilled Chicken with Mixed Vegetables is a Delicious Choice

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If it’s mealtime when you finish a workout, a snack isn’t going to satisfy your hunger.

That’s why you need a go to meal that is packed with the nutrients you need for recovery and without all the fat and calories that negate your hard work.

The chicken offers up protein for your muscles and the carbs help replenish your energy stores.

Season the meat and veggies with your favorite spice to add flavor and excitement to the meal.

2. Chocolate Milk is Wonderful for Recovery

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If you don’t want to put a full meal into your stomach, but you need something to refuel your body with, chocolate milk is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Recent research finds that this sweet drink is better for you than water or sports drinks after exercise because it contains just a bit of sodium and sugar, which help you recover and it also has protein for your muscles.


3. How about a Veggie Omelet?

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Eggs are a wonderful choice after you work out because they are loaded with protein, which helps your muscles recover and grow in strength and size.2

Add sliced veggies, such as mushrooms, peppers or onions, to your omelet and you get some complex carbs to restore your energy levels.2

A bit of diced avocado offers some healthy fats for energy and good health.

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