Rules to Follow 📝 when You're Setting Fitness Goals 💪🏼 for Yourself ...


There are essentially two seasons, for women at least: the holiday season and bikini season.

Now that the last calorie-filled holiday, Valentine’s Day, is behind us, bikini season is in full swing!

As you start dreaming of Spring and Summer days to come, you might start setting fitness goals.

Make sure you follow these rules when brainstorming those goals!

1. Do: Take Progress Photos

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Watching your body progress is a really inspiring experience.

It will motivate you to keep going, because you’ll want the next photo to look even better!2

Make sure you have a set schedule for these, such as taking one every four weeks, so you stay on track.

2. Don’t: Use Someone else’s Picture as Your #goals

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Everyone’s body is built differently, which is what makes us all so uniquely beautiful!

But that also means that your “dream body” isn’t always attainable, due to bone structure and proportions.

Instead, only compare your current body to your past body using your progress photos.

3. Do: Have a Goal with a Schedule

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Unfortunately, you can’t just lose ten pounds over night.

But over the course of several weeks, you definitely can!

Make a schedule for when you’d like to lose three pounds, five pounds, etc.

You can even set up a rewards system, for example only shopping when you’ve lost your goal weight or inches for that month.

4. Don’t: Get Too Fixated on the Number

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As helpful as measurements can be, remember that they don’t own you.

The more you exercise, the more muscle you gain.

Even though you’re losing fat, muscle ways more than fat, so you may see the number on the scale increasing or staying the same.

Don’t let this discourage you though!

The numbers should help you, not hurt you in your fitness journey.2

Do: Challenge Yourself
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