7 Effective Fusion Workout Routines to Try in the Coming Year ...


Fusion workouts are a great way to make reaching your New Year’s resolution of attaining a better body fun and exciting. I’ve heard people advocate tons of different workouts, but not all of them are enjoyable or effective. Luckily, fusion workouts are both - which is why they’re gaining popularity every day and are definitely something you should try out in the coming year.

1. Tread

Who doesn’t love a good run on the treadmill? But for me, it gets pretty boring just watching the gym’s muted TV while jogging. That’s why one of the most effective fusion workouts I know of is Tread. These high-energy classes spice up the hum-drum treadmill life. In Tread, you’ll alternate between the treadmill and strengthening moves, so that there’s never a dull moment. Because the routine can vary each class, Tread is sure maintain your interest in the workout until you’ve burned maximum calories!