4. Burpees

While the name sounds funny, there is nothing humorous about burpees. This is one serious exercise that will give your body some serious results. The burpee is considered a total body exercise so there is nothing that will not be working on this one. Drop your hands to the floor, kick your legs back, jump your legs back in and then stand up and jump. Try seeing how many you can do in one minute and then keep working on improving your time.

There are dozens of ways to do burpees, but this one stands on its own as a real calorie burner and body transformer.

Try doing a set of these exercises completing about twelve to fifteen repetitions of each. Once it gets easier, up your sets to two or three. You can do them timed, interval style or as a quick early morning workout to get your day going. The best partβ€”you can do them anywhere, any time without having to leave your home or make a pricey investment in equipment. Your body is your own personal gym.