3 Minute ⏱ Leg Finisher 💪 to Reshape 🔻⚪️🔹 Your Lower Body 🍑 ...


Goblet Squat With Reverse Lunge

What if I told you that you could reshape your butt and legs with a 3-minute leg workout finisher?

I'll just imagine that you are wide-eyed and ready to get started!

All you need for this workout is one weight and some space to step backward and of course, a timer. This move consists of merging the goblet squat and the reverse lunge.

This will torch your legs, burn maximum calories and reshape every muscle in your lower half, making it the perfect 3-minute leg workout finisher.

To start, turn on the three-minute timer.

After that start with a goblet squat (hold the weight by your chest), complete a rep of the squat and then reverse lunge with each leg.

That is one rep.

Keep track of how many reps you do within three minutes and each week try to beat your previous score. This workout, done once a week, will help strengthen your legs while giving you that backside you have always dreamed of while looking in the mirror.

Remember this is a leg workout FINISHER, however, if you are in a bind and short on time this can become the whole workout for your day. Remember not to do this on every leg day or eventually you will be crawling everywhere and also remember to get some protein in your system after you finish this hard workout!

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